sâmbătă, 26 noiembrie 2016


This Project starts from the willingness to improve and to learn. Three schools (from Italy, Romania and Spain) found a common topic to work together. We all share the working spirit needed to develop the project. We thought that working on ICT, sports and communication would be a great idea. But what could be nicer than working out all that by using the root of our traditions? 

So we have the objectives clear:
- We want our students to develop the necessary communicative skills to communicate with people from other countries.
- The students have to be able to communicate and work using ICT.
- They have to manage the different platforms to work on the project.
- They will have to play traditional games and make an effort to play them properly.
- They will have to be conscious of the different cultures and people living in the E.U.
- The staff in all schools need to improve their language and digital skills in order to develop proper and innovative teaching.
- The teachers and institutions will have to accomplish the terms and conditions adopted in the project.
- We all want to learn from our peers, students and the experiences.

There will be a group of 1000 students (from 3 to 15 years old) involved directly in the project, they have been selected because they have to fit the characteristics of this project. The groups from every country will be heterogeneous, so there will be a variety of students working on the activities proposed. Some of them live in big cities, whereas others live in small towns in rural areas. This is an important aspect as everyone of them will contribute with their personal experiences.

The activities and methodology will be the following:
- Exchanging emails, that means writing and reading.
- Chatting by using video calls, listening and speaking.
- Explaining and recording how the traditional games are played in the different countries.
- Playing the different games from the different countries.
- Exercising in a different way in order to keep and motivate them to be fit.
- Using ICT tools to develop strategic skills and improving language communication by using a foreign language. 
- Learning about the culture, geographical situation, language...of all partners.
We expect to achieve the following results and benefits in the long run:
-Better preparation of teachers to their teaching career.
-Improvement of all competences by the students: linguistic, digital, social...
-Deeper knowledge of the European reality.
-Consciousness of the importance of being fit through all our life.
-Building a bridge between past and the future generations in order to take advantage of the knowledge and traditions.
-Being able to cooperate with others and to create your own future labour career.
-Exploiting all the full potential that students and people have.

The impact we expect to attain is based on personal achievements and global improvements in the areas where this is implemented.
First of all, both students and teachers will obtain several benefits after the project. For instance, better command of the English language and digital tools, a more active implication in the educational and social community, a deeper awareness of the importance of keeping fit, a more comprehensive knowledge about our traditions and an exhaustive familiarity about the European reality and its cultural and linguistic richness. 
In addition, the project will mainly cause a positive impact on the students and the whole community around as it will reinforce their transversal capacities which are a key point in the future life career as they are really valued by employers worldwide. These students will manage better to cope in different situations and they will have less probability to suffer unemployment thanks to all the knowledge and experiences acquired. This is one of the reasons we decided to do mobilities: they are very important to achieve some of the competences we expect our students to achieve, which will also very helpful for their future curriculum and motivation to carry out Erasmus projects.

All the partners will make a good use of the realization and dissemination of the project in order that our European colleagues realise of the importance of working cooperatively to achieve any objective that can help to improve our students' skills and competences.